Federation of Veterinarians of Europe
ECCVT - European Coordinating Committee on Veterinary Training

The European Coordinating Committee on Veterinary Training (ECCVT) was created in 2004. Through this committee the three founding organisations the “European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education” (EAEVE), the “European Board for Veterinary Specialization” (EBVS) and the “Federation of Veterinarians of Europe” (FVE) aim to coordinate their views on veterinary education. ECCVT is supervised by the organisations’ executive committees/boards. ECCVT meets twice every year under a rotating chairmanship. The Committees shall be appointed for a two-years term and may be re- appointed no more than twice. Not all members shall be changed at the same time.


Rafael Laguens (FVE President)
Ana Bravo (EAEVE President)
Jimmy Saunders (EBVS, President)
Christophe Buhot (FVE)
Sabine Schüller(FVE)
Antti Sukura (EAEVE)
Luis Tavares (EAEVE)
Dominiek Maes (EBVS)
Laura Kramer (EBVS)


ECCVT Secretariat: FVE Office (D. Iatridou)


ECCVT Terms of reference (ToR): Updated ToR_September 2014

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Other activities

  • ECCVT Statement on key role of Veterinary Education Establishments (VEEs) in our society(NEW)
  • ECCVT Statement on Education and Training requirements for veterinarians in Laboratory Animal Science and Medicine (LASM) (NEW)
  • ECCVT Press release
    "VetCEE: Raising the quality of veterinary care in Europe through high-level life-long training."
  • EAEVE-FVE survey on teaching of laboratory animal medicine, aquatic health and bee health in the European veterinary faculties are currently been reviewed and updated.