Federation of Veterinarians of Europe

Animal Welfare Workshop - Barcelona, Spain

Thursday, 01 December 2011 - Friday 02 December 2011

Training of vet practitioners continues! After the successful workshop in Budapest on animal welfare, a 2nd workshop was held in Barcelona on 1-2 December.

Jointly organised by DG SANCO, FVE, the Consejo General de Colegios
Veterinarios de EspaƱa and the UAB it took place in Barcelona
and was attended by veterinarians mostly from Spain but also from
Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, France, Switzerland and

Veterinary surgeons have an important role in providing expertise
and knowledge to the general public and animal keepers as well as
to policy makers.

As in Budapest, the workshop has consisted of both a theoretical
as well as a practical on-farm and zoo session, where participants
put their knowledge in practice.

Aims were to provide veterinarians a deeper understanding of animal
welfare, per species animal welfare legislation knowledge and species-specific
welfare assessment schemes.



- Agenda

A third workshop will be held in Latvia on the 19/20 April 2012.

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