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SANCO Workshop on Salmonella control in pigs
SANCO Workshop on Salmonella control in pigs

A workshop on Salmonella control in pigs took place on 26 February in Brussels. The meeting was opened by K. Van Dyck - acting head of Unit Sanco E2, dealing with food hygiene, alert system and training - and about 150 participants listened to speaker from DG Sanco, EFSA, national food safety authorities and institutes (from UK, NL, DK, SE and FR) as well as contractors working for the EC and EFSA, and stakeholder organisations (J. Dahl for different associations).

Main points for discussion were the EU strategy on the control of Salmonella in pigs, preliminary results of the Quantitative Microbiological Risk Assessment (QMRA) Salmonella in pigs, results of the EU-wide baseline survey on Salmonella prevalence in slaughter pigs, different methods of detecting Salmonella, the structure of the cost-benefit analysis on Salmonella control in slaughter pigs as well as examples for Salmonella control in some Member States. The presentations from the workshop can now be found on the DG Sanco website: Link