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9-hour limit for slaughter animals?
9-hour limit for slaughter animals?

The EU Commission is currently internally discussing a draft proposal to amend the current animal transport Regulation 1/2005.

The aim is to limit journey times and reduce stocking rates on livestock transport vehicles, while also introducing a legal base for implementing a satellite navigation system linked with TRACES. This system will collect electronically data on authorised transporters, approved means of transport, journey logs, etc. 
The current proposal, still in an early stage, aims to align social rules for drivers with travelling times for animals. The option selected consists of limiting transport times to 9h for animals intended for slaughter and sequences of 20h transport- 9h rest for animals for other purposes.
When the draft proposal will officially be published will depend on the amount of discussion between the DG's. The proposal is under the consultation procedure, meaning the European Parliament will be asked its opinion. With the European Parliament elections in June, the dossier is likely to be left for the Swedish Presidency in the second half of the year.