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Swine Influenza - transferred by swine ?
Swine Influenza - transferred by swine ?

Presumably originating from Mexico, but having spread already to the US, Canada and some European countries the so called "swine flu" is causing increased global concerns.

Even though the commonly used name for the Influenza implies that the virus is originating from pigs, this specific virus was never seen in pigs before and combines genetic information from human, avian and swine Influenzas Type A/H1N1. Therefore "novel influenza virus", as suggested by Health Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou, should be used until more is known about the origin of the virus.

DG Sanco is leading the EU coordination under the framework of the communicable disease decision 2119/98 through the Community Early Warning and Response System (EWRS), and will continue to maintain permanent contact with Member States, ECDC (European Center for Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organisation, which yesterday raised the pandemic alert level from 3 to 4 out of 6), and with the United States and Mexico through the Global Health Security Initiative channel. For more information and links to the above mentioned institutions please vistit the DG Sanco website.