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FVO Report on Border Inspection Post in Greece
FVO Report on Border Inspection Post in Greece

The Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) carried out a mission in Greece on 24-27 November 2008 with the objective to evaluate a proposed Border Inspection Post (BIP) against the relevant requirements of EU legislation (with a view to its listing in Commission Decision 2001/881/EC).

Deficiencies were seen in staffing, supervision and operation of the proposed BIP of Astakos. It was noted that the staff "has received insufficient instructions or guidance on how to implement procedures, nor have they received sufficient training; no procedures have been put in place in order to agree with Customs the entry of consignments of veterinary interest to the Free Zone; there is little formal co-operation with Customs; there is no system in place at central level for the ongoing supervision by the Central Competent Authority of the correct application of procedures at BIP's". The FVO report addresses a number of recommendations to the Greek competent authorities, aimed at rectifying the identified shortcomings and/or further enhancing the control measures in place. For the complete report: Link.