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Sweden asks for “incentives” for alternative antibiotic research
Sweden asks for “incentives” for alternative antibiotic research

The Swedish EU Presidency is focusing currently on the need to develop new pharmaceuticals against infectious diseases. Especially the decreasing efficacy of antibacterials makes research for new drugs inevitable.

Sweden is not only asking for more stringent rules on the use of existing antibiotics in order to prevent the further acceleration of resistances, but is also trying to find ways to stimulate the development of new pharmaceuticals. On 9 October, the European health ministers will look at how financial incentives can be used to stimulate research. Sweden hopes to be able to present concrete Council conclusions on innovative incentives for access to effective antibiotics, taking into account the results of the French and Czech Presidencies. These conclusions will be up for adoption during the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO) meeting on 1 December. For more information: pdf