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France: Guide to promote prudent use of antibiotics
France: Guide to promote prudent use of antibiotics

The National Society of Technical Veterinary Organisations (SNGTV) for French veterinarians has developed a good practice guide for antibiotic use.

The urgency to preserve the efficacy of antibiotics for both animal and human, have led the SNGTV to elaborate specific recommendations for the responsible use of antimicrobials. The guide was developed by a taskforce including representatives of the medicines agency, the relevant state departments, the professional veterinary organisations and animal health industry and takes into account international recommendations (Codex Alimentarius, OIE) as well as national regulations.

Apart from general recommendations, the guide constitutes a basis for setting up more specific plans of action per sector and/or pathologies, targeting especially potentially risky practices. A method for defining and elaborating these action plans was set up.

The SNGTV would like to share experiences with other European member states on the prudent use of antibiotics. For more information please contact Jacqueline Bastien (jacqueline.bastien@wanadoo.fr).