Federation of Veterinarians of Europe
Salon International de l’Agriculture
Salon International de l’Agriculture

The last Salon International de l’Agriculture was held in in Paris from February 27th until March 7th 2010

Mr. B. Von Goethem, from DG Sanco, gave a press conference on rabies and its control throughout the EU, while Mr.C. Buhot, FVE Vice-President, presented the role and the importance of traceability in the fight against rabies.
Mr. Van Goethem explained the different actions carried on at the EU level with the pet passport, the rabies vaccination of foxes, the controls at the EU borders and the positive effect of the vaccination of cats and dogs against rabies.  Christophe Buhot reminded that dogs or cats vaccinated against rabies had to be identified by tattoo or microchip in France, and underlined that this identification had to be registered in a central database in order to be efficient and to allow a real traceability of the health status of these animals. Mr.Vallat, Director of the OIE, attended also this press conference.
During the whole event, students and veterinarians answered questions from the public, most of them concerning travelling with a pet in the EU.