Federation of Veterinarians of Europe
FVE met Mr. J. Dalli
FVE met Mr. J. Dalli

FVE delegation, headed by President W.Winding, spoke with the recently appointed
EU Commissioner for “Health and Consumer Policy” Mr J. Dalli.

Mr J. Dalli really welcomed FVE delegation pointing out how important is a good communication
with the veterinary profession. The Commissioner considers Animal Health and Welfare to be part of the European values.
He underlined the role of the veterinary profession in Public Health. A major problem he sees is a lack of compliance with existing legislation; he believes the Commission should be more aggressive on this point. Issues put forward by FVE were, amongst others, the need for well organised Veterinary Services, medicinal products, the “One Health” concept, and topics related to animal welfare. We have to raise the general awareness about animals being sentient beings, the Commissioner said. Finally Mr Dalli concluded that his and FVE’s agenda are very much the same.