Federation of Veterinarians of Europe
FVE Secretariats Meeting
FVE Secretariats Meeting

The next FVE Secretariats meeting will take place at FVE Office in Bruxelles.

It will start around 13.00h of the 31st of May and the purpose of the meeting is to strengthen the contacts and communication between all the FVE member secretariats in order to share experiences and gain useful feedback; appealing speeches will be given during the meeting such as on procedures and rules in place in FVE members secretariats to improve the quality of the work and on communication throughout Veterinary Journalism as well; therefore an overview on the situation in different countries about the disposal of medicinal products and on post-graduate training on management, business and communication will be provided as well.
On the FVE special Secretariats section you may read all the information concerned.

We look forward to meet you all!

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