Federation of Veterinarians of Europe
World Veterinary Association Presidents’ Assembly
World Veterinary Association Presidents’ Assembly

Over 30 worldwide representatives of national and regional veterinary
associations attended the extraordinary WVA Presidents’ assembly in
Paris on 22 May

Visibility was the pivotal concept stressed by Mr Jorna, WVA president, during his outline of the proposed strategic plan 2010-2015. Communication, both internal and external, was therefore identified as a key element of WVA activities. One recent change announced was the move of the secretariat from Copenhagen to Brussels, on 1 January 2010, whereas WVA Office is currently managed by Mr Vaarten and Ms De Briyne of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe. Mr. Vallat, OIE Director, who agreed on the importance of communication, therefore welcomed the WVA delegates to the OIE headquarters in Paris. WVA president Tjeerd Jorna, had the pleasure to announce the winner of the 2010 World Veterinary Day Award during the opening ceremony of the annual general session of the OIE, the following day.

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