Federation of Veterinarians of Europe
EU Vet week 2010
EU Vet week 2010

Shielding animal health and ensuring food safety through traceability

The third EU Veterinary Week (14-20 June), organised in partnership between DG Sanco and the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) was launched in Brussels by a two-day conference in the Charlemagne building Bruxelles. The aim of the conference was to outline the close link between identification and traceability for veterinary purposes and the numerous additional benefits along the food chain from farm management to product quality.
The Conference included 3 sessions on:

  • Identification of live animals aiming to link traceability and livestock farming;
  • Traceability in the food and feed chain including labelling;
  • Traceability in international trade.

The conference presentations, videos and some pictures are now available here

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