Federation of Veterinarians of Europe
First meeting of the Working Group on Nanotechnologies of the Advisory group on the Food Chain, Animal Health and Plant Health

This first meeting of the newly established working group on Nanotechnologies was organised by the European Commission last 10 March in order to define the scope and aims of the group and to give an overview on the Commissions activities around nanotechnologies.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Bernardo Delogu, Head of Unit Risk assessment (DA Sanco C7). The group was created to have a more systematic dialogue about nanotechnologies between the Commission and stakeholders (mainly from industry, trade and consumer organisations), as well as between the stakeholders themselves. The aims are to map and assess expectations, develop a reflection for the conditions for success, ensure common and transparent understanding (risk assessment, needs, framework), monitor the development and discuss communication issues.
Nanomaterial shows new properties of material and functional benefits, and is therefore broadly seen as an enabling technology. Possible applications are seen in nearly all sectors, including the agro-food sector. But lack of scientific knowledge on risk assessment for nanomaterials leads to concerns on possible side effects on health, the environment and the social impact. The need to demonstrate the safety of the application is seen especially within the food area. For more information about this meeting, please contact Nicole Schreiner at nicole@fve.org.