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FVE Medicines Working Group

The FVE/UEVP Medicines working group met on 12 January in the FVE office.

The members discussed the latest situation regarding the revision of the medicines legislation. The European Parliament is expected to vote in February on Committee level on both the proposal regarding veterinary medicines and medicated feed. The Council prepared its revised version of the medicated feed legislation but is still heavily debating the veterinary medicine proposal.

The Working Group also discussed the recent publications regarding colistin resistance. EMA will update its advise on the use of colistin in animals. The Working Group would advise in the meantime, awaiting the new guidance, to use colistin prudently and following responsible use practices, including susceptibility testing. The Commission also asked EMA and EFSA for an opinion on measures to reduce the need to use antibiotics for animals. FVE has been asked for input on this issue and will provide this to the institutions.

Other issues discussed by the Working Group were discounts given by the industry on antibiotics, the responsible use of antibiotics in dry cow management and the draft position paper on the link between animal welfare, antibiotic use and antimicrobial resistance.

The Working Group has finalised its draft position on coccidiostats which will now be open for member consultation until end February, in order to go for possible adoption at the June General Assembly.

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FVE Medicines Working Group