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FVE represents veterinary organisations from 38 European Countries and veterinarians working in all different Sectors. FVE strives to enhance animal health, animal welfare, public health and the protection of the environment by promoting the veterinary profession.

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Thu, 18 May 2023

FAO Virtual Learning Centres

FAO has launched the Virtual Learning Centers (VLCs) VLCs are virtual learning hubs established to develop and improve...

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Wed, 10 May 2023

VETSurvey 2022 – Thank you for taking the survey!

Thank you for taking the survey and for your responses! FVE, through the support of CM Research, launched the third...

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Tue, 02 May 2023

29 April marks the World Veterinary Day

FVE celebrates the diversity of the veterinary profession! FVE is proud to contribute to promote DEI in the...

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Animal Health
& Welfare

Veterinarians take care of the health and welfare of animals
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The veterinary profession is a liberal and a regulated profession
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Veterinarians prevent and treat diseases by using medicinal products
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Veterinary Education Establishments (VEEs) have a key role in our society
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Public Health
& Food Safety

Veterinarians play an essential role in protecting public health as well as the environment by providing a wide range of services.
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Job Opportunities

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16 May 2023

Veterinary Inspector

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) is seeking to recruit motivated and enthusiastic veterinarians to join our veterinary team of over 150 vets in the Veterinary Service Animal Health Group (VSAHG). Veterinary...

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13 April 2023

Senior Veterinary Inspector

Animal and Plant Health Agency
Senior Veterinary Inspector
£37,295 - £41,425
Vacancies are currently available in Bridgewater, Caernarfon, Canterbury, Cardiff, Carmarthen, Crewe, Exeter, Hamilton, Horley, Inverness, Inverurie,...

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Employment opportunities for veterinarians are numerous and include private or corporate clinical practice, teaching and research, regulatory medicine, public health, and military service.

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