Brussels, 20 April 2020 –  The exceptional circumstances we are finding ourselves in at the moment are highlighting in no uncertain terms the importance of effective vaccination programmes – both in humans and in animals.

As we unite to ensure a continuum of care for animals during this crisis, so we come together for World Animal Vaccination Day, which this year falls on the first day of European Immunisation Week. Companion animal vets, veterinary associations and the animal health industry in Europe emphasize, more than ever, the importance of the ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’ approach for improved animal health management and a greater One Health implementation.

Rens van Dobbenburgh, FVE President, says: “Vaccination is essential. It prevents, controls and eradicates diseases in both animals and people. Veterinary vaccination is not simply a key tool for improving animal health and welfare, it is an integral part of overall health plans against infectious diseases and a part of rapid-response plans to prevent the spread of emerging infectious diseases. With today’s globalised travel and trade activity and climate change, animal diseases not previously reported in Europe are on the increase and it is essential that preventive action be taken.