In January 2022, the new Regulations on Veterinary Medicines and Medicated Feed will come into force.

These new laws will bring along important changes for veterinary practitioners regarding the availability and use of veterinary medicines. Among others, the new rules will include measures to ensure prudent and responsible use of antimicrobials, a collection system of antimicrobial use in the different species, new rules on the use of the cascade and oral medication, measures to increase availability (e.g. a Union Product Database) and a renewed system of adverse event reporting.

The European Medicines Agency and FVE teamed up to organise jointly a series of webinars.

First webinar: adverse events reporting (30 March 2021)
Our first webinar focused on adverse event reporting and answered questions such as:
-What will change for veterinary practitioners reporting an adverse event?
– Will veterinary practitioners receive more feedback on adverse events?
– How about adverse event reporting for products used ‘off-label’?

Video – presentations (Jos Olaerts, Robert Hertzsch, Laura Descalzo)