FVE is proud to present the revised European Veterinary Code of Conduct.

Society is increasingly evolving, as is the veterinary profession. Therefore, in 2017 FVE decided to review the 2012 Code. This new Code goes hand in hand with the FVE VETFutures Europe project in which the challenges facing our profession now and in the coming decades were identified and an action plan developed to address them.

Standards for the practice of veterinary medicine are based on science and ethics, and are objectively justifiable and proportional to the goal to be achieved. Such standards are necessary for the health and welfare of animals, public health and to ensure public trust in the veterinary profession.

I truly wish that this Code will serve all those with an interest in the health and welfare of animals and people.

Rens van Dobbenburgh, FVE President

English version click HERE
Hungarian version click HERE