On World Mental Health Day 2022, FVE launched the DEI campaign “FVE – United in Diversity” to enable authentic role models in our veterinary profession who credibly represent and live the topic of diversity.

As said by FVE Vice-President Mette Uldahl: “In daily life vets identify conditions and patterns within different scenarios, identify their placement on a range of a spectrum, always keeping in mind that there is still so much we haven’t seen, haven’t learned yet. Perhaps areas we even can’t see yet. And this is what makes us good professionals. We don’t expect to see or understand it all, but we are curious and we observe with an open mind.”

On 27 February 2023,  FVE launched the DEI Tuesday: every Tuesday FVE will share a contribution of our members for the DEI campaign: “FVE – United in Diversity”.
Over the next months, new inputs, perspectives, views, opinions, experiences, thoughts, and ideas regarding DEI within the veterinary profession will be published every Tuesday.

We sincerely thank all the members, individual veterinarians and veterinary associations for their contribution to “FVE – United in Diversity”.

Do you want to share your views as well? We would like to hear more from you. How?
Check it out HERE – Call for contributions HERE

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