One World, One Health: Prevent Zoonoses, Stop the Spread

On World Zoonoses Day 2023, FVE recalls the veterinarians’ role in protecting human health! Clinical and non-clinical veterinary activities impact directly and indirectly on animals, people, plants and the environment they live and share.

The veterinarians’ role deals with:
  • Negotiating, drafting and upholding necessary legislation and international standards, including sustainable policy development, implementation, review and risk analysis (risk management, assessment and communication)
  • Global food security (quantity, quality and safety) and consumer protection
  • Cutting edge science, discovery and teaching
  • Protecting public health and animal health by officially controlling diseases relevant to public health and animal health (One Health) and protecting animal welfare. Protection from fraudulent activities
  • Facilitating economic growth (small & large businesses) through sustainable farm/ food production, trade (certification) of animals and Products of Animal Origin (POAO)
  • Preserving diverse production (rare breeds, traditional food production)
  • Communicating important messages to interested parties: public and animal keepers (food producing and companion), industry (agri-food and others), politicians, civil servants, other scientists/ professions (lawyers, economists, medics, animal scientists, environmentalists, microbiologists, statisticians etc.)