FVE celebrates the World Veterinary Day!

More than ever, FVE wants to underline the public health role veterinarians play.
Veterinarians do not look after the health of animals but also greatly contribute to people’s health.

Veterinarians have a whole range of useful tools in their ‘toolbox’ to prevent and control infectious livestock diseases for the sake of public health:

  • By applying preventative medicine principles and biosecurity measures at the farm;

  • By ensuring good animal husbandry, feeding and housing;

  • By monitoring disease trends through diseases surveillance and early notification.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have an opportunity for a systemic policy change. FVE calls for a transdisciplinary One Health approach throughout a coordinated and transparent integration of all professionals.

The health of ecosystems constitutes an investment for greater global security and an opportunity to improve the environment for future generations.

Press Release