22 September 2021

Veterinary Doctor

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Job Description

Veterinary Doctor

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


We are currently looking for a Veterinary doctor for a vacancy in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Your responsibilities will include: 1. To treat the diseases and the obstetrics or perform any needed surgeries that are required in the farms and giving the needed vaccinations. 2. Supervising on the wild animal sanctuaries such as the Oryx or Deer and the new wild animals in term of the nutrition, the general health of the animals and giving the needed immunizations and treating of sick conditions. 3. Managing the farms in term of the feed, nutrition, the public health and hygiene. 4. Maintain the animals’ health by giving the needed periodic immunizations. 5. Producing the diary & the cheese and their derivatives as per the required instructions and the supervising on the workers in production of the milk products. 6. Managing the workers in terms of the work distribution and the supervising on the good performance & avoiding mistakes and the vacations and everything related to them with the office management. 7. Purchasing management in terms of purchases of the feeds & grass, the medicines or any requirements & materials related to the diary manufacturing or the general hygiene In line with the benefits of the work and achieve budget savings. 8. Managing the birds’ farm and the bird production and the eggs hatching in line with the benefits of the work. 9. Giving the necessary vaccines for the birds to preserve their health from the infectious diseases and providing the needed feeds to them and the necessary medicines. 10. The work on developing projects related to the animal wealth such as farms of the poultry, the sheep and the cows or what are related therefore and its follow up with the office management. 11. Coordination with the other departments related to any joint work required by the office management. 12. Performing any other administrative & supervisory works requested by the management. 13. Preparing the monthly statements related to the purchases of the animals. 14. Sometimes need to travel to buy animals from abroad or locally. MOST CRUCIAL RESPONSIBILITES: 1. Preparing the annual budgets for the animal wealth department or any required budgets for any type of the animals whether our existing animals or animals that will come to the farms or any proposed projects. 2. Follow up in implementation of the projects related to the animal wealth in terms of the plans & the drawings and what is requires therefore

- Must be a native English speaker - Must have a minimum of 10 years of working/managing cattle farms (Cows, Sheep, Goats and Alpaca) - Minimum of Bachelors degree or Higher - Available Immediately or by 10th October

Salary will be upwards of 20,000 AED per month - Family Benefits - Car Benefits - Fuel Benefits