FVE, Copa-Cogeca, Animal Health Europe, European Dairy Association (EDA), the European Egg Packers and Traders Association (EEPTA) and the European Union of Wholesale with Eggs, Egg Products and Poultry and Game (EUWEP) sent a joint letter to the EU Parliament AGRI Committee to rediscuss the provision on the 48-hrs withdrawal period.

The new Regulation on organic framing (2018/848) will enter into force on 1st January 2022 and will introduce several important new rules which organic farmers will have to follow. Unexpectedly the Regulation foresees organic farmers to respect a minimum 48-hour withdrawal period for drugs where the general withdrawal period is specified by the European Medicine Agency to be zero days.

The provision is not based on current rules and scientific evidence.
Moreover, such provision will lead to huge quantities of organic eggs and milk not be placed on the market or even not be sold as organic.