On 11 June 2021, FVE adopted the following position on cannabinoids and their use in animals.  The use of cannabis and cannabis-derived products is increasing globally. In North-America and Europe, several countries passed legislation permitting medicinal us​e of cannabis in humans. Some countries passed laws permitting recreational use. So far, no cannabis-derived products have been authorised as veterinary medicines in Europe. Some are, however, registered as homeopathic in the veterinary medicines legislation or under the feed Regulation.

FVE recommends the following:

  • Studies should be promoted to investigate the potential therapeutic value and safety of cannabis-derived products for companion animals (including horses).
  • Well-controlled clinical trials and pursuit of EU/national authorisation by manufacturers of cannabis-derived products should be promoted, so that high-quality products of known safety and efficacy can be made available for veterinarians and their patients.
  • At least until further research have proven them safe and more research has been done, all cannabis-derived products for animals should be on veterinary prescription.
  • Regulation should be put in place and the safety assessed on producing animal  feed or supplements to feed with cannabis-derived products.
  • Regulation should be put in place and the safety assessed on producing beddings or other care products for animals with CBD/Cannabis.