The FVE strategy for 2011-2015 stated that veterinarians have a professional and ethical responsibility to use their scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of animal welfare. All veterinarians should be able to educate, inform and influence animal owners, caretakers, handlers and policy makers to protect and improve animal welfare. Welfare (and its associated research) is, therefore, seen as an important aim in veterinary education along with other key subjects such as animal health and public health.

Hence, it was developed an animal welfare curriculum, composed of a model syllabus, the corresponding learning objectives and a list of the essential Day One Competences (or learning outcomes). The mapping of the status of animal welfare education was done in two stages. In the first stage there were analysed the results of a survey in which 45 European veterinary faculties responded. It was found that courses. In the second stage, a survey was carried out to obtain feedback on the FVE’s proposed model draft curriculum.