Saragossa, October 22nd, 2019 – The majority of European veterinarians in the future will be female. While in 2018 58% of veterinarians of all ages were female, 82% of those under 30 years of age are female. This is one of the findings of the second VetSurvey about the veterinary profession in Europe that has been conducted by the European Federation of Veterinarians (FVE) between November 2018 and March 2019. Veterinarians located in 30 European countries were asked to complete an online survey.

The objective of the VetSurvey, first held in 2015, is to help understand the current situation of the veterinary profession and to evaluate what actions shall be taken to shape the future of the profession.

“Veterinary services are essential to each and every European citizen, not only for taking care of the health and welfare of 290 million pet animals and 768 million farm animals, but also to protect people against animal related diseases like salmonellosis”, says FVE president Rens van Dobbenburgh, Veterinarians make an important contribution to our society, because they protect the environment and they boost the economy, says former FVE president Rafael Laguens.