FVE is proud to launch the new FVE Animal Welfare Strategy Brochure.
This is a comprehensive summary of the FVE Animal Welfare strategy adopted in November 2021.

The FVE Animal Welfare Strategy details FVE’s vision of the European veterinary profession’s role in animal welfare, which is part of the FVE’s next Strategic Plan.

The strategy was developed after extensive consultation with FVE members, European species organisations, stakeholders and the International Veterinary Students Association. It highlights six key areas related to veterinarians’ role in animal welfare, namely:

1. Animal Welfare assessment
2. Ethics
3. Legislation
4. Advocacy
5. Education
6. International

From reducing the risk of pandemics to helping meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), FVE reiterates its commitment towards animal welfare being crucial to improving not only animals’ wellbeing but people’s health and the environment