The FVE Animal Welfare strategy clarifies FVE’s vision of the European veterinary profession’s role in animal welfare, and how to work towards this during the period of FVE’s next Strategic Plan. This strategy was developed after extensive consultation with FVE members, Sections, European Species organisations, stakeholder organisations and the International Veterinary Students Association.

The strategy highlights six areas related to veterinarians’ animal welfare roles, illustrated by the following consultee responses:

  1. Animal welfare assessment “For animal welfare leadership, representative veterinary bodies should ensure they include aspects of positive welfare to deliver a Good Life to all animals.”
  2. Ethics “The veterinary profession ought [to be] animal welfare-focused. In this case improving animal welfare is our explicit aim and motivator”
  3. Legislation
  4. Advocacy “By taking a position in regard to animal welfare, FVE would be encouraging more vets to also take a stand”
  5. Education “FVE should be a platform for disseminating good practice. Analyse works of other countries, evaluate them, publish them and disseminate information to other members.”
  6. International “The veterinary profession should engage more with climate change, and the link between climate and farming.”