On 12 July 2023, the EU Commission provided all the agri-food chain stakeholders with the main objectives and principles to lead the sustainable food systems framewrok legislation.

In the paper here attached  FVE provides its comments in line with its strategy and mission.

Generally, FVE supports the objectives set out in the Farm to Fork strategy and the Commission’s ambition to establish a new EU Legislative Framework on Sustainable Food Systems.

Veterinarians of Europe are at the forefront of the sustainability transition, which is essential for the health and welfare of the animals, for the protection of public health and of the ecosystems. The animal sector contributes substantially to the European economy and is a key component of the global agri-food systems.

The development of an EU Framework on Sustainable Food Systems (FSFS) is an opportunity for the EU to take a clear step into investing and creating an appropriate regulatory and non-regulatory environment for agriculture to become more sustainable -environmental, social, ethical and economical. In addition, the EU has a significant role to play in contributing to global sustainability through its policies, actions, and collaborations.