Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness (DEI) is a focus area for FVE, aiming to to ensure the well-being of all member veterinarians while simultaneously fostering attraction to and retention within our profession. The next step in our focus on DEI is a campaign, enabling member veterinarians to share their views on DEI in the veterinary profession.

We would like to hear from veterinarians with a perspective, view, opinion, experience, thoughts, and tips regarding diversity, equity and inclusiveness within the veterinary profession.
Keywords could be socio-economicrace, gender, sexualitychronic illness/pain/disabilitygeographical locationnon-native speakers etc.

We hope for many contributions, as your view on DEI is important to share. Therefore, we are reaching out to all veterinarians for contributions to the campaign.

For individual members there are two ways to contribute:
– Member perspective video (click HERE for example)
– Member perspective written statement (click HERE for example)

Member Associations are also very welcome to provide perspective videos for the campaign to show how they work or intend to work on DEI (click HERE for example)

Click HERE for the RCVS contribution.

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Send us your contribution in English or your native language. If you prefer an interview, where we ask you the questions, feel free to contact wiebke@fve.org.

Download the instructions HERE

NB: You can be anonymous, as long as FVE know your identity, and you have given consent.

All videos will be screened for liability, quality, non-discriminatory content etc. before publication. Each contributor is asked to sign a written consent, including acceptance with regards to copyright.