The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) and the European Association of Porcine Health Management (EAPMH) recognize that pigs are sentient beings capable of pain and suffering, deserving of consideration and respect.
The veterinary profession believes we should move away from mutilations such as tail docking and generally work towards the improvement of pig welfare in commercial farming conditions.
It is essential for every pig farm to receive monthly (depending on the risk level) veterinary visit by the pig veterinarian or veterinary practice with whom the farm has a contract.

Veterinarians have a key role to play to assess the risks for tail biting and to advise farmers on setting up an effective action plan, tailored to that particular farm, with solutions to prevent tail biting and to phase out in the longer-term the need for tail docking.
The market should promote high health and welfare pig farming and value the production of pigs without tail docking. To ensure a level playing field between EU and third-country production, when stopping tail docking in the EU, the EU should also stop the importation of tail-docked pigs or pig meat from countries that allow tail docking.