Article 25 of the European Union Animal Health Law, Regulation 2016/429[1], requires operators to make sure that establishments receive animal health visits from a veterinarian.  These ‘animal health visits’ shall be implemented in all EU countries by April 2021 and aim to strengthen animal health by improving disease prevention, in particular biosecurity and detection of disease.

To date, no Act lays down the minimum requirements necessary for the uniform application of Article 25. Without these supporting Acts, the Article is in serious danger of being implemented inconsistently or insufficiently in the Member States.

Regular veterinary visits have great potential to improve animal welfare and economic efficiency, as well as to reduce use of antibiotics and enhance sustainability.  This is shown in countries that already implement regular health visits.

With the support of its members, FVE investigated the situation in 2022 and established a country score based on the criteria laid out in the FVE position paper. Please find the results HERE!