The American Veterinary Medical Association represents more than 84,000 individual veterinarians across the U.S.A, and the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE; represents 46 national veterinary organizations across 38 European countries. The AVMA and FVE collaborate on issues of importance to both of its members, working cooperatively to promote animal and human health, support veterinarians in delivering their professional responsibilities at the highest level, and advance the veterinary medical profession.

The AVMA and FVE recognize that the clinical veterinary practitioner is often at the forefront of protecting human health through the diagnosis and treatment of animal disease. This is not only true for veterinarians working in communities in which the economic well-being of the human population is dependent on animals for transportation, labor, or food, but also in communities in which the emotional well-being of the human population is strongly impacted by the human-animal bond.
The AVMA and FVE are committed to promoting both the more commonly recognized role veterinarians play as clinical practitioners in ensuring animal health and welfare and the less-recognized but equally essential roles veterinarians play in protecting and advancing public and environmental health.