In the EU serious efforts are made to assure the safety and quality of the food. The EU food chain is subject to a comprehensive set of rules that protect the health of consumers, the health and welfare of animals and the environment. This EU legislation includes specific controls to assure that rules are respected. Such controls (the so-called official controls) are carried out by the national authorities.

Currently, the way official controls shall be carried out is under revision.
FVE is concerned that this revision of the legislation might be misused as an opportunity to save money rather than to strengthen the quality of the food chain. Such approach creates unnecessary risks for food safety, public health, animal health and welfare and the environment.

In light of the several animal disease outbreaks in Europe (e.g. African swine fever), food frauds (e.g. illegally treated animals) and the frequent occurrence of food or feed risks, FVE calls upon the EU Institutions to strengthen the consumer protection and the position of the veterinarian in the official controls.