On 11 June 2021 FVE adopted an important position paper on  making our food systems more sustainable. Throughout this paper, FVE intends to provide a list of the most important areas where the veterinary sector actively contributes to sustainable food systems throughout the promotion of animal health, welfare and public health. FVE points to the need to further invest in these crucial areas as they represent the backbone for improved sustainability, global health and security.

Veterinarians are central to advancing sustainability in the agri-food sector by communicating the real science behind safe food and animal production.

Veterinarians across Europe look forward to work and collaborate with EU Institutions and all the relevant stakeholders to:

  1. Acknowledge the efforts and outcomes achieved so far by the agri-food sector to further improve the sustainability of the EU food systems;
  2. Further set up and align to common metrics when it comes to GHG emissions, agricultural and farming practices, circular economy and animal health & welfare standards;
  3. Further set up common and measurable targets to help and assist the agricultural sectors in the transition towards the F2F objectives;
  4. Further set up subsidies/taxation policies to move towards a balanced approach assisting farmers, fishermen and aquaculture producers.
  5. Support policymakers to raise awareness and communicate to consumers the value of products from sustainable food systems.