EVERI is supporting moves to raise the prominence of veterinary history within the veterinary curriculum throughout Europe.

Its support follows a recent declaration from the Spanish Veterinary History Experts proposing that veterinary history should be a compulsory core subject in the veterinary curriculum. The declaration aims to garner backing from members of the Federation of European Veterinarians to allow consideration of the proposal by the European Commission.

Although EVERI recognizes the importance of veterinary history, following discussions with various representatives of veterinary faculties, the FVE Education group and the OIE ad hoc group on Veterinary Education, EVERI has to realize that the challenges of the modern curriculum probably make it too difficult to establish veterinary history as a formal subject matter. Nevertheless, EVERI is encouraging teachers to incorporate aspects about the history of veterinary medicine within the remit of their subject matter.

The full, English translated text of the Declaration can be read below.