Misinformation, worries about costs, non-expert influence and the rise of so called “homeopathic treatments” are all contributing factors to lower vaccination rates in many European countries in the last years which could give rise to deadly diseases that not only affect cats and dogs, but also people.

With UK vets signalling a 7% drop in vaccination rates for both dogs and cats between 2011 and 2017, vaccine coverage is falling dangerously low for achieving the 70% coverage recommended to ensure ‘herd immunity’, which means pets could once again be at risk from painful and deadly illnesses that are not yet under control in neighbouring countries.

 “The majority of pet owners are conscious of the importance of vaccinations and follow the advice of veterinarians. Some are less. We must not be fooled by diseases deemed no longer a threat: we are only free of them thanks to vaccinations. It is important that both veterinarians and pet owners remember the severity of diseases like parvovirosis and keep vaccinating.” says Wolfgang Dohne, President FECAVA.

FVE President, Rafael Laguens remarked: “Pets are part of our family. Owning them is a huge responsibility and giving proper health care is vital. Vaccination is one of the most powerful tools to prevent life-threatening diseases. Never neglect your annual visit to the veterinarian and always follow advice given to keep disease out of your home. Your veterinarian will make sure that your animal is up-to-date with all their vaccinations.”