WVA call members to nominate experts for the Strategic Focus Groups (SFG) by

The SFGs will cover strategic focus areas approved by the Council, primarily:
Animal Welfare –  Pharmaceutical Stewardship – Veterinary Education – One Health
As the Council determines other areas of significant interest for WVA, additional SFGs may be formed.
• Members of SFGs may be engaged in only one SFG based on their expertise and expressed interest. SFGs should aim to have broad representation from amongst the WVA global regions to avoid the potential for regional bias.
• The number of SFGs members is not strictly determined; however, SFG sizes should not become unwieldy and a maximum group size of 8-10 should be considered (including Council members).
• Ad Hoc Experts should have broad regional and/or international expertise in their respective field, and good spoken and written English is required.

Application form and Terms of Reference here below.