On July 4th, FVE and the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA) hosted a joint-joint webinar on the challenges and opportunities of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) treatment. The webinar gathered scientists, practitioners, competent authorities, pharmaceutical industry and policymakers alike.

FVE Past Vice-President Thierry Chambon welcomed the 150 participants and shared his very personal experience of the dilemma and burden of FIP.

Read our summary brochure on FIP treatment options within the EU and beyond HERE! Check out the highlights in the webinar report HERE and watch the recording of the webinar HERE.

  • Keynote speaker Professor Katrin Hartmann from Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (DE) recapped the current knowledge on the different antiviral treatments with a special emphasis on animal trials of the GS-441524. Her presentation is HERE.
  • Emma Jones, BOVA Specials UK, detailed the extemporaneous preparations for FIP treatment which follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and many quality controls. Her presentation is HERE.
  • Dr. Sam Taylor, spokesperson of the International Society of Feline Medicine, expanded on the international perspective of FIP and shared the success stories of Arthur, Millie and many other cats. Her presentation is HERE.

Take home messages

  • We highly recommend monitoring closely the FIP prevalence on national level! 

  • We advocate policymakers to provide veterinarians with a legal solution to treat FIP cats and support their owners!