14 December 2023

FVE is proud to present the 3rd VetSurvey report on the veterinary profession demography across Europe.

In 2015, FVE ran its first VETsurvey to establish a benchmark for the veterinary profession across the European region, focusing on demographics, the labour market, and financial indicators. A second survey in 2018 followed and the third one in 2023 is now available. The continuity of this survey enables us to track these trends and anticipate future developments and challenges.

President Siegfried Moder said: “I strongly encourage everybody to explore the findings of this third survey. Together, we harness the power of knowledge to shape a brighter future for the veterinary profession in Europe. I am confident that this report will inspire us together to drive positive change and elevate our profession to new heights.”

The FVE Board wish to thank all the members and partner organisations who played a pivotal role in translating, promoting, and further disseminating the survey. A special thanks goes to the FVE task force who analysed the results and made points for further consideration (pg 7-12). Above all, thanks to all committed veterinarians who took the time answering this survey.

Download the VETSurvey 2022 HERE